CHROMO BIB 2 E - SHORT LEG BIB TIGHT with exterior butt-patch

New product

  • Short leg bib tight with NEW 3D textile stitch
  • To be worn directly in contact with the skin
  • Maximum sweat control, keeps the skin always dry and fresh
  • Maintains the correct body thermoregulation
  • Minimal and stylish All Black design

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Short Leg Bib Tight

The 2020 model of the CHROMO BIB represents a significant evolution compared to last year’s model, our best-selling shorts ever.
There is a new 3D textile stitch on the leg and in the area above the groin, which increases its stability but without reducing its elasticity, wrapping the body perfectly without pressure points.

The properties of the Carbon Activewear weft combined with the comfort of an anatomical seamless product, without seams on the sides and back, create a one-of-a-kind bib.
Always fresh and dry skin, for maximum comfort in all conditions.

Configurable with “Race Pad” or with “Off -Road” seat pad.

Comfortable Sitting

Race Pad

Butt-patch designed for medium distances (over 6 hours of riding). Doubledensity construction ensures exceptional comfort while eliminating energy dispersion: a 4 mm foam base, with 8 additional mm of foam in the support zone, with a density of 110 kg/m3 for uniform protection at all of the body's points of contact. The anti bacterial fabric with its characteristic interlocking twisted-mesh structure provides natural micro-ventilation, allowing for quick drying and perfect thermal insulation.

Twin Padded Technology

Revolutionary butt-patch technology for long distances and for off-road/gravel. The pad is inserted into the shorts without any overlapping of fabric, so that is in direct contact with the seat. This method reduces chafing. The butt-patch is composed of two foams designed to work synergistically: the outside base, with a density of 65 kg/m3 and a thickness of 3 mm, ensures optimal freedom of movement and incredible elasticity, while preventing chafing caused by fabric rubbing against the seat. The inside foam has a density of 85 kg/m3 and a thickness of 12 mm, perforated to guarantee optimal breathability and moisture wicking.



The Activewear line brings the technology and benefits of our Underwear to outerwear products as well thanks to the innovative SIXS Carbon Activewear fabric. The formulation is the same, but the weight is specifically designed to be worn as an outer garment.The Activewear garments can be combined with the Underwear line, enhancing the outstanding qualities of SIXS textile technology.


Activewear collection dedicated to cycling, revolutionized and expanded with new products and colors. Bib Tights and Bike Jerseys made of Carbon Activewear are ideal to be worn in direct contact with skin or over a garment of the Underwear line. Complete your style. Create your total SIXS look.