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  • Sport

    TOP performance

    Whether you are on the track or on the road, there is a certainty: with SIXS products, you are better. There is no other technical underwear that can be compared with ours! Under the leather suit, you will feel your skin dry. It reduces the winter cold and helps you bear with the summer heat.

    Comfort without compromises

    Our products guarantee unbeatable comfort: as they do not have internal seams, you will feel that you are not actually wearing them, but they will be between your skin and perspiration to give you protection against temperature variations.

  • Touring

    Kilometre after kilometre

    When you wear our garments, you travel with more comfort and protection in all seasons. With the SIXS polo shirts and all the Underwear garments, together with the brand-new revolutionary PRO Tech garments, you will be able to travel under all weather conditions having the certainty that your skin will always be dry, and that you will be protected from cold and hot weather as well as from temperature variations and possible impacts. During breaks, you will no longer feel that you need to change your clothes, and unpleasant odours will be eliminated.

  • Offroad

    Better performance

    Off-road is hard and exhausting. But by eliminating the discomforts caused by unsuitable clothing, you will improve your performance! By wearing our products while practising any Off-road activity, your performance will be enhanced.

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Showing 1 - 15 of 94 items
Showing 1 - 15 of 94 items