TS1 - Short-Sleeve Round Neck Jersey

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Short-Sleeve Round Neck Jersey Carbon Underwear - TS1

  • Suitable for all sports at all temperatures
  • To be worn directly in contact with the skin, under normal sportswear
  • Maximum sweat control, keeps the skin always dry, counteracts the formation of odors
  • Maintains the correct body thermoregulation

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SIXS Carbon Underwear short sleeve round neck jersey, a multi-sport product ideal in any conditions.
Unlike the sleeveless model, the sleeve hugs the upper part of the arm (underarm area) which is subject to copious perspiration, thus keeping the skin dry.

The lightest and most breathable polypropylene fiber on the market, combined with a real carbon yarn, which provides heat transmission and possesses antistatic properties to protect the body from the electric charge caused by rubbing multiple synthetic Fabric against each other (condition typical of sports clothing).



The products in the SIXS Underwear line are suitable for all sports, all year round.
Perfect in all circumstances involving physical activity, all of the garments in this range are meant to be worn in direct contact with the skin, underneath the usual sports clothing.

Owing to their incredible insulation and breathability characteristics, SIXS garments always keep the skin dry, because they eliminate moisture and the consequent feeling of dampness. This is why Underwear is no longer considered an optional during sports activity:By avoiding sudden chills (due to perspiration or damp fabric in contact with the skin), comfort will always be guaranteed, while considerably reducing muscle injuries.